is an alternative that follows the will of creating with others and every Tree created is unique. Trees are created for creative events finansed by donations from Trehuggers. If is the process of gardening - fertilising, planting and growing - a tree, the Fruits are shared output of that process hashtagged #nolandtree. In this open source environment Fruits are there to inspire people to cultivate binging the Fruits for the market. To grasp the natur of you will find some answer in its Roots.

Support as a Treehugger and donate money.
Support as a Gardener and co-create a Tree for an event.
Support as a Gatherer finding interesting Fruits of and posting on the web #nolandtree .
Support as a Cultivator by binging Fruits to the market and sharing the return.


Hugg Trees is funded by donation in tree ways:
 - Donations from people and organisations that want to be part of supporting its values but do not have the time to participate.
 - Event organisers where they se the value of having taking part in their event becoming for instance the function of a creative meeting point or a place for contemplation and inspiration.
 - keeps a door open for Cultivators to show their appreciation by donating parts of its revenue from bringing Fruits to the market and so nearish the process of creating more Trees that can bear fruit.

Garden Trees
Surplus from Trees is reinvested in fertilising - creating conditions - so that Trees can grow in new places and with different appearances, again following the will of creating with others. Planting is the initiation of a new tree usually for an event, and growing is the actual fiscal activities of creating a tree at the event. 

Gather Fruits
You find Fruits at with their corresponding #hashtags or by simply searching the web for #nolandtree, for instance google. Most frequent mature fruit hashtags are #MakerCampLights and #MakerMobile. 
Feel free to gather related hashtags and add them to #nolandtree, #MakerCampLights and #MakerMobile. Forinstance following hashtags is direct related to #nolandtree, #nolandtree, #MakerCampLights and #MakerMobile #KidsHackDay, #Quirkbot, #Strawbees, #StrawbeesMEGA, #Vindbacke, #polygo, #MakerTjej, #Lightsinalingsås, #Hjo, #3DSkaparna, #sthlmmakerfair etc.

Cultivate Fruits
the seeds, i.e. picked, packaged and presented for the market
The intention is that Fruits shoulb e easaly shared also  and the feed hashtaged #nolandtree.   Cultivating is identifying and presenting new creations, solutions, ideas, photos in social media but also packaging ideas for introduction on the market. For the later the principal is fail fast fail cheep and so we can simplify information flow keeping all in the same feed.



aims to create a creative alternatie for  in constant change reflecting the network and all financial surplus reinvested in in  appearances of, together with, or supported by, treehuggers, and by this nurturing the idea of that dwell at its roots.

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 Pic and share fruits

Either you get inspired from posts with #nolandtree from already created trees or you ar part of creating a new tree simply post the new photo, idea, creation etc with its new hashtag, #nolandtree and relating hashtags. The vision is to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. visualising a virtual tree representing its content.     

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Gardening is finding a branch and nurturing it. Gardening is also fining ways to make to emerge both physically and virtually.  New versions of is often found by gardeners or by cultivators, inspired by the roots where old versions linger.

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