at Göteborg Mini Makers Fair, April 18-19

On the 18th-19th of April will appear again now with interactive features at Göteborg Mini Makers Fair, Bältesspännarparken, .

We invite you to come and collaborate with us at the Göteborg Mini Makers Fair trying out ways to make visual effekts react on different sensory input. During Saturday we want to test and co-create interactive 'fruits', i.e. moving and glowing objects, which will be added to and displayed at night between the 18th-19th of April.

Go se The Tree in Hjo, March 16 - April 16

We now invite the public to join this participatory Art Project in Hjo as presented below.

" Go se The Tree ( ) in Hjo, an Art Project created with kids from Hjo, a collaboration with the municipality and KidsHackDay, .

Public display of the Art Project:

Near cinema Park in Hjo

16th of March 14:00-19:00 - Workshop showing the process 
23rd of March 18:00-20:00 - Initiation of in Hjo

Until? in Hjo can be visited until 16th of April

This appearance of is finally emerging in Hjo, a town at the lake Vättern in Sweden. In this Art Project kids and youths from Hjo are collaborating in the process of creating fiber optic portals that is used to transform a tree to a tree glowing in the dark.

We started in February and the creation will be finalised during a workshop on 16th of March from 14:00-19:00 at the cinema Park in Hjo. On the 23rd at 18:00 of March we will install 'The Tree in Hjo' outside cinema Park with for display until the 16th of April. 

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