THETR.EE IN BREIF is an alternative that follows the will of creating with others and every Tree created is unique. Trees are created by Gardeners for events and finansed by donations from Trehuggers. If is the process of gardening - fertilising, planting and growing - Trees, the Fruits are shared output of that process. Fruits are hashtagged #nolandtree on social media and in this open source environment Fruits are there to inspire people to cultivate that what inspires them and share it. Anyone is free to seize the opportunity to package and bring Fruits to the market. To grasp the natur of you will find some answer in its Roots.


Fund a Tree for an event creating the support needed to grow Trees.
Grow a Tree at an event and see the co-created installation grow infront of your eyes. 
Share Fruits by posting photos with hashtag #NoLandTree .

Hugg Trees is funded through donations and art grants from Trehuggers.
 - People and organisations take part by donating to, supporting its values helping it to root in new way at new location.
 - Event organisers gives donations or art grants so that can take part in their event as a creative meeting point, a place for  inspiration or a magic place etc. 

Grow Trees
The making of Trees are done by Gardeners and any surplus is reinvested in fertilising - creating conditions - so that Trees can grow in new places and with different appearances, again following the will of creating with others. Planting is the initiation of a new tree usually for an event, and growing is the actual fiscal activities of creating a tree at the event. 

Share Fruits
Spreading and its Fruits is done by posting it on Instagram and other social media with #nolandtree and corresponding #hashtags describing the nature of the Fruit. Most common Fruits posted so fare are #MakerCampLights and #MakerMobile, and they can be considered to be new branches grafted back into 

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#nolandtree, #MakerCampLights, #MakerMobile, #KidsHackDay, #Quirkbot, #Strawbees, #StrawbeesMEGA, #Vindbacke, #polygo, #MakerTjej, #Lightsinalingsås, #Hjo, #3DSkaparna, #sthlmmakerfair